M13's Two Wheeled Adventure Tour

M13's Two Wheeled Adventure Tour

Tour Taiwan with M13! Book now to secure a place for an upcoming tour.

Welcome to my Taiwan Motorcycle Tours

Tour Taiwan on motorcycles and scooters with me, M13. I have over 15 years of motorcycle  riding experience and over 10 years experience of touring Taiwan. I’ve partnered up with Taiwan’s most experienced locals to plan the perfect Asian experience. I will take you to places of pure beauty. Ride on roads that can’t be experienced through photos or videos. And experience sights, smells and tastes only a select number of people in the world have ever experienced before.

A tour with us will be truly an exciting, refreshing, memorable trip of a lifetime.
You can tell your friends you rode in the most dangerous country in the world to ride.

Take security in the fact that I will be leading the way and  acting as a blocker for traffic.

Continue to the Tours Booking page for available tours, tour information, pricing and tour registration.

Tour Description Video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcHTHAt1Nkc

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