M13's Two Wheeled Adventure Tour

M13's Two Wheeled Adventure Tour

Tour Taiwan with M13! Book now to secure a place for an upcoming tour.

Welcome to my Taiwan Motorcycle Tours

Tour Taiwan on motorcycles and scooters with me, M13. I have over 20 years of motorcycle  riding experience and over 15 years experience of touring Taiwan. I’ve partnered up with Taiwan’s most experienced locals to plan the perfect Asian experience. I will take you to places of pure beauty. Ride on roads that can’t be experienced through photos or videos. And experience sights, smells and tastes only a select number of people in the world have ever experienced before.

A tour with us will be truly an exciting, refreshing, memorable trip of a lifetime. 20% of my guests come back the following year to do the whole tour over again! And “Best experience of my entire life.” is something I hear regularly.

The tour is 11 days. The first and last day are meeting and leaving. So that’s 9 fun filled days of travel (we ride a little on the first day…so 10 maybe). It’s ALL INCLUSIVE….that means you pay for the tour….and don’t NEED to pay for anything else.

I also do PRIVATE TOURS for those that don’t like the timing of the full group tours. Just contact me and let me know when you’ll be here and how long you’d like to tour for (1-4 days is the norm).

Take security in the fact that I will be leading the way and  acting as a blocker for traffic.

The hotels give me good rates and the roads I use are all picked for the beauty and lack of traffic. It’s taken me 15 years to learn all these roads. A GPS or map would NOT give you the same roads….you could travel the island on your own, but you’d waste many hours if not days in traffic or on roads that are TOO empty. I pick from the best of the best.

Continue to the Tours Booking page for available tours, tour information, pricing and tour registration.

Tour Description Video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcHTHAt1Nkc

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